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MS Class Listings

OTS 715 Early Childhood Sensorimotor Development
OTS 720 Providing Health Services in Appalachia
OTS 820 OBP:  Fundamentals
OTS 821 Practice Seminar I
OTS 822 OBP:  Health Care Practice 1
OTS 824 OBP:  Health Care Practice 2
OTS 825 Technology and Rehabilitation
OTS 830 OBP:  Education Communities
OTS 831 Practice Seminar II
OTS 832 OBP:  Community-Based Practice
OTS 834 OBP:  Advanced Dimensions of Occupation
OTS 835 Occupational Therapy Intervention in the Workplace
OTS 836 OBP: Optimizing Occupation
OTS 837 Upper Extremity Evaluation and Intervention
OTS 845 Health Care Practice Fieldwork
OTS 846 Community Practice Fieldwork
OTS 847 Emerging Practice Fieldwork
OTS 850 Planning and Managing in OT Practice
OTS 851 Strategic Communication in Occupational Therapy
OTS 852 OT Services in Mental Health Settings
OTS 853 Leadership in Human Services
OTS 855S The Role of OT & the Aging Adult
OTS 862 Therapeutic Modalities in OT Practice
OTS 863 Occupation and Sensory Processing
OTS 864 Early Childhood Practice
OTS 864S Early Childhood Practice
OTS 865 School-based Practice
OTS 866 OT & Behavior disorders in Schools
OTS 870 Professional Trends and Issues in OT
OTS 871 Practice Seminar III
OTS 871S Practice Seminar III
OTS 875 Special Topics:  ____________________
OTS 880 Research in Occupational Therapy
OTS 882 Advanced Occupational Science
OTS 883 Change and Complexity in OBP
OTS 884 Qualitative Inquiry Approaches
OTS 885 Occupational Performance Measures
OTS 890 Independent Study in Occupational Therapy
OTS 895 Special Project Proposal in OT
OTS 896 Research Contribution
OTS 898 Thesis I
OTS 899 Thesis II
OTS 899C Thesis/Project Continuation
GRD 887D Written Comprehensive Exam
GRD 888C Thesis Defense

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