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School-Based Intervention in Occupational Therapy


This line of inquiry focuses on school-based practice. Including but not limited to service delivery models, sensorimotor theme groups, transition practices, handwriting and visual perceptive skills impact on occupations of school aged children.




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  • University Research Committee Effectiveness of the use of handwriting without tears program in first grade. $3491, Awarded May, 2004.
  • Professional Education Fellow - College of Education, Eastern Kentucky University (2001-2004). Providing Sensory Motor Activities to Enhance Developmental Skills.
  • Endowed Chair's Fellowship, Eastern Kentucky University (2003). Handwriting Consultation to a First-Grade Classroom, $2000.
  • Endowed Chair - Fellowship - Eastern Kentucky University (2001). Development and Efficacy of a Model Sensorimotor Program for Kindergarten Children in Regular Education , $1667.

    Contact Information
    Sharon Shasby, Retired Professor
    Colleen Schneck, Professor and Chair

    2007 - EKU-Occupational Therapy Research Center

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