Organizations and Licensing

Professional Organizations, Certification Board, Licensing Board


World Federation of Occupational Therapy

International Society of Occupational Scientists


American Occupational Therapy Association
P.O. Box 31220
4720 Montgomery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20824-1220

Phone for AOTA members: 800-SAY-AOTA
Phone for non-members: 301-652-2682
(TDD) 800-377-8555

EKU's graduate program is accredited by the AOTA's Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). For further information regarding accreditation, contact ACOTE at the address above, or visit Education and Accreditation at AOTA's web site.

American Occupational Therapy Foundation
P.O. Box 31220
4720 Montgomery Lane
Bethesda MD 20824-1220

Society for the Study of Occupation: USA
Andrea Bilics, Communication Chair


Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association
P.O. Box 21502
Louisville, KY 40221-0502

Phone: 888-987-5682

Ohio Occupational Therapy Association

Indiana Occupational Therapy Association

Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association

Illinois Occupational Therapy Association

Missouri Occupational Therapy Association

West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association

Certification and Licensing Boards

National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.
The Eugene B. Casey Building
800 South Frederick Avenue, Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20877-4150
Phone: 301-990-7979

A listing of all state's occupational therapy regulatory bodies can be found at the NBCOT's web site at:

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Occupational Therapy
Jeff Boler, Board Administrator
P.O. Box 1360
Frankfort, KY 40602
Phone: 502-564-3296 Extension 237